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Integrate your Domino Calendar Data with your Business Solutions.

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    OnTime Group Calendar offers an open HTTP based API which can be used to build custom solutions on top of the OnTime Group Calendar backend.

    Using the API you may extend your Intranet, CRM system or other business critical applications with two-way real time calendar data.

    Use Cases

    Examples of how you can use the OnTime® API

    • CRM

      CRM Systems

      Integrate all your calendar data (sales meetings in CRM and internal meeting/vacations) into one, so you have the full picture no matter if you work in your CRM or your IBM Notes.

      You can also see to it that OnTime handles all your meeting bookings from your CRM out into your mail platform.

    • Customer Booking

      Customer Booking

      Why not integrate the option to view and book directly from your client portal, for example a home banking system?

      No more mailing back and forth to arrange the customer meetings - Just find the time and book right away.

    • Paid Time Off approval

      PTO Systems

      If you have a Paid Time Off approval system, you can align it with your IBM Domino environment, so all people's approved vacations are visualised directly in the personal calendars and in OnTime Group Calendar vacation view.

    • Phone Systems

      Phone Systems

      Send all calendar updates directly to your central phone system in order for the reception to get the full information and to re-direct the calls automatically.

    How to Start?


    Already an OnTime client

    1. Contact us in order to obtain a license key to enable the API
    2. Download the documentation and the API Explorer (see below)

    New customer

    1. Contact us in order to obtain a license key to enable the API
    2. Download the OnTime Group Calendar free trial here
    3. Download the documentation and the API Explorer (see below)

    API Explorer

    Your perfect Development companion

    You can try out the API Explorer in two ways - either by unlocking the API Explorer in your own, existing OnTime® Group Calendar environment, or try it out in our demo environment. To try out the API Explorer today, go to demo.ontimesuite.com/apiexplorer (below). Before you dive into the API Explorer, you might want to take a look at the screencasts on using the API and the API Explorer available on our YouTube Channel.

    Documentation   Try Demo

    Customer Case Study

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    Read how one of our customers have gained cost reductions by integrating their Oracle Siebel CRM, IBM Domino using the OnTime Group Calendar API's

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