First impressions last

OnTime Visitor Module

Visitor information at your fingertips

  • Prepare your colleagues for each visit
  • Prepare the services and equipment needed
  • Centralise all visitor data ease of access

OnTime Meeting Manager Visitor Module is a valuable add-on to Meeting Manager for Domino. This new application allows everyone in your organisation to prepare fully for every visitor you receive via a centralised database of visitor information.

This powerful application also gives your colleagues working in security or behind the reception desk the information they need to ensure that your external visitors are properly greeted and provided with the access, services, and equipment they need.

Arrive in style

Even before your visitors arrive, the Visitor Module ensures that all your co-workers have the latest, up-to-date information that your organization have on each visitor.

Make sure that your gate personnel and security staff is fully primed in good time with all your visitors’ personal data, access permissions and parking requirements.

Instant Access

As an Add-On to Meeting Manager, the Visitor Module pulls and pushes all visitor data from your central database. This puts key visitor information at your fingertips. Instant access via your Lotus Notes client ensures that your visitors’ personal details, parking and access permissions and requests for equipment are managed efficiently.

All-Purpose Service

When your clients, suppliers or partners visit you, they may need specific equipment. With Visitor Module it’s easy to provide your visitors with what they need, every time. External consultants often need access to an internet connection, but not access to your company environment. Simply indicate what’s required, and Visitor Module takes care of the rest.

Know your visitors

Visitor Module allows you to specify each data field your organisation requires about your visitors so that each subsequent entry suits the needs of your business.

When colleagues need to see who is visiting you, where they’re from and what requirements they have, Visitor Module gives them the right information every time.

OnTime Export

Flexible export...

Need to export:

  • Catering data for internal invoicing to your ERP-system
  • Have statistics on room and resource load
  • Find out what sells and what does not to tailor your canteen tender

OnTime Export can save data in several formats matching your different import sources.