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Meeting Management?
Targeted at turning your entire process from invitation, meeting attendance, delivering catering and at the end doing your cost accounting into one fully integrated process.

Your one-stop meeting room and catering organiser

Dedicated to making the process of organising meetings quick and efficient, leaving you free to concentrate on what’s central to your business.

Booking rooms for meetings or even teleconferences should be an easy process. Most people would agree on that. Adding catering to the booking should not be much harder. However often organisations find that handling this procedure is a lengthy process that absorbs much more time than imagined.

If you consider some of the hidden "time consumers" like handling the entire approval workflow for catering and facility management it becomes clearer why this is true.

OnTime Meeting Manager is targeted at turning the entire process from invitation, meeting attendance, delivering catering and at the end doing the cost accounting into one fully integrated process.

Different People - Different Needs...

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"We had already been successfully using IntraVision’s OnTime Group Calendar for some time when our in-house meeting solution proved to no longer be compatible with Domino-7.

We were very happy to discover that IntraVision offered a standard application for meeting management as well."


Full Catering support...

Workflow, Service rosters, Export for internal invoicing

Extend your services

Meeting Manager Add-ons

Have the need to prepare and controle your external invitees? Meeting Manager Visitor Module brings you on top of things when it comes to preparing in your reception and/or security gate.

Maybe have extended need for exporting data? With OnTime Export Module you can tranfer all the monthly catering orders or maybe map the booking load on your rooms and resouces.

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