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How does OnTime® improve your Microsoft mail platform?

OnTime® Group Calendar is a platform bringing transparency and effectiveness into your organisation as the perfect companion for your MS Outlook desktop and MS Web Access client.

OnTime® extends the possibilities of a group calendar with its speed and flexibility along with its focus on the team rather than the individual, bringing value to your company.

If you enjoy modern design, easy and logical navigation, and user-friendliness, this calendar solution is  the right one for you. OnTime® allows users to easily gain an overview and it brings great scalability, as it is fit for both smaller and larger organisations when it comes to design and capacity.

Additionally, it always keeps the user up to date with the latest changes made to a calendar, preventing misunderstanding and double bookings. Last but not least, users always have access to the OnTime® Group Calendar through the Mobile Web App, mobilizing your work force.


*OnTime Group Calendar also supports multi-tenants.

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Overall Features in OnTime

  • Graphical Overview

    The modern and simple design of OnTime® Group Calendar guarantees you nice and easy navigation in your calendar. The user-friendly set-up allows you to easily find your way around and access all the time-saving features incorporated in OnTime® Group Calendar.

    Additionally, the colour coded legends help you gain an overview in no time, and the notice centre keeps you up-to-date.

  • OnTime on the Go

    The Canteen has their own OnTime® Catering Interface from which they can keep track of the different orders that co

    OnTime® Mobile grants instant access to the people in your organisation, their information and their calendars, and it gives you a clear picture of their availability. It also allows you to create new appointments, search for available colleagues or contact co-workers with just a couple of clicks.

    OnTime® Calendar makes it easy to coordinate and schedule at any suitable time, when on the road or visiting a client.

    me in, including accept them. This way they can let the meeting organizer know that they have catering for the meeting.

  • Booking Capabilities

    When you want to create appointments, there are different ways of booking them in your and your colleagues’ calendars. Tick the box of the people you want to invite, you can invite both internal and external participants, and then create a meeting or an event. Internally you can also book directly in someone else’s calendar, and arrange an appointment on their behalf without inviting yourself, if you have been given the rights.

    Additionally, you can book rooms and resources. The many different options allow you to book people, rooms and resources in no time.

  • Voting with OnTime Pollarity

    Significantly reduce the time used to decide upon a common time slot for a meeting by polling among the intended participants. Poll internally or poll mixed groups which include external participants.

    Increase your probability of success for each proposed time slot by enrichening the poll with internal OnTime® users' current calendar information like their availability and office hours.

  • Vacation planing

    Vacation planning has been made very simple in OnTime®. The time off view allows an easy overview of when people are away, making it fast and painless to figure out how best to take advantage of the people in the office. 

    The time off view shows the things that has been chosen by your organisation to count as time off, such as vacation, maternity leave and so on. 

  • Meeting Assistant

    With the Meeting Assistant, OnTime® helps you find available meeting slots by prioritising the people who you want to invite to the meeting.

    Choose which invitees’ attendances are least crucial and the Meeting Assistant won't take their schedules into consideration when suggesting available meeting times. All invitees will however receive the same invitation and it is then up to them to decide whether or not they find their attendance important.

OnTime® in MS Teams

With OnTime® in MS Teams you can have the full Group Calendar integrated into your different Teams in order to help you schedule meetings and locate people with specific qualifications.

You have all the features from the group calendar available to you, including a few extra special MS Teams features, which are designed to make it easy for you to work in your team and create meetings  within it. 

OnTime® for MS Teams is part of the Core OnTime® for Microsoft Product.

Available Add-ons for your OnTime


OnTime® Mobile gives you instant access to the people in your organisation and their calendars, even when you are on the go.                               

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Pollarity (voting)

OnTime® Pollarity makes it possible to vote on the best time and date for a meeting, with both internal and external invitees.                                             

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OnTime® Group Calendar offers an open HTTP based API, so you can build custom solutions on top of the OnTime® Group Calendar backend.                 

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For the "Techies"


Server based back-end system delivers you data instantly in order for you always to be in control and up to date.


Whether it is 25 or 10.000 users, it does not matter. OnTime® can support both small and large companies.


You can easily navigate through your whole organisation with just a few clicks. Everything you need is at your fingertips at all times.

Prices from...

Find out how little investment to get all that OnTime® can bring to you and your organisation. 
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(Less than 200 licenses)

€ 1,50
per user/month
(over a 3 year period)


(200 - 500 licenses)

€ 1,02
per user/month
(over a 3 year period)


(+500 - licenses)

€ 0,45
per user/month
(over a 3 year period)

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